Previously at the CRA
  • Rita Garrido will attend physics graduate school at the University of Illinois next fall. Congrats!
  • Prof. Martin Bojowald to give Spring 2013 AstrophysicsBuzz

  • Prof. Tamara Bogdanovic wins prestigious Sloan¬†Research Fellowship
  • The CRA hosted a Mini-Symposium on Xtreme Astrophysics on August 27-28, 2012 to celebrate the 4th anniversery of the CRA and the opening of our visualization center.
  • The IceCube collaboration, of which Georgia Tech is a member, has significantly constrained Gamma Ray Bursts as sources of cosmic rays as explained in a publication in Nature
  • The Einstein Toolkit consortium of which GaTech is a member has released the fifth release of its toolkit code "Oested".
  • The CRA has launched the public outreach series Astrophysics Buzz