Upcoming deadline for registering for astronomy grad classes at GSU

For Grad Students:

As part of satisfying GT's minor requirement for PhD students, you have to take at least 3 courses from 'outside your research area'. One nice way of doing this while still learning some astrophysics is to take one of the Astronomy graduate courses offered by GSU (only a couple of MARTA stops away). You can do this by cross-registering and still get credit at GT. This does take some effort, but you and your advisor might decide that this is a good opportunity to learn some astronomy/astrophysics that will help your research. The deadline for applying to cross-register for the Fall 2016 courses is April 25, and details are here: Gatech Registration

The GSU classes available in Fall 2016 are:  

ASTRO 6000 Fundamentals of Astrophysics

ASTRO 8000 Stellar Atmospheres and Spectra

ASTRO 8300 Interstellar Medium

For further details, you can contact David R. Ballantyne.